Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I wish I knew This One!

If anyone does know what it is, please tell me!

When I was a kid, there were none of these around......then suddenly they were all over the place. They seem invasive, but I haven't seen anything about an invasive tree.

The berries are red with small brown/grey dots all over, the berries aren't on stems or in clusters, just short stems attached to the branch.

The berries are somewhat sour, leaving a bit of a pucker, but they are edible...at least they haven't killed me yet. lol

The trees are small and bushy, not usually getting over 10 feet tall, if that.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

100 Species in Two Days

Although it took three to get them all posted. lol

The first day's pictures (1-69) were all taken in our yard. The second day's pictures were all taken about a half-mile away...with the exception of the black walnut tree, which I had to re-take and took in our neighbour's back yard, and the dogwood tree, which I haven't re-taken yet...but will try to get today, and it will be about a quarter-mile anyway.

I have other (better in some cases) pictures to add, too, and I'll add what I know and what I've learned since starting this project, but I *really* wanted to get the 100 named and posted. If I find other interesting plants, I may post them, too.

#100! Catalpa Tree

#99 Wild Strawberry

#98 Burdock

Small plants... And larger plants with burs...

I HATE the burs that burdock grows! lol They get in your clothes (or hair, or your dog's hair) and then they break apart and you have to extract each little piece.

I know that my grandmother used it as an herb, but I don't know what parts or how it was used.

Something to learn! ; )

#97 Daisy

These daisies were transplanted to one of our flower gardens...
This daisy is still wild...out on the hillside.

#96 Shagbark Hickory Tree